Five Star Reviews for Close Comfort

These two reviews arrived today within minutes of each other. They made my day!

“As we like to caravan comfortably no matter what the weather we installed a diesel heater which didn’t need mains power to work so free camping was possible. Now we needed to be able to sleep on hot nights, but how? We have been looking at portable airconditioning for quite some time. The ones out there were not real aircon, evaporating water run units are no good in humidity. We wanted something to use in our caravan. Our generator was not powerful enough to run the unit on the roof of the van. With this little beauty using only 300watts of power we can even run it on an inverter 12-volt battery system with gen backup if need be. Had it on all night the other day down in Tassy with mains power from family. Just had to try it out in the van. The setting was set on low and it worked just great. The inside temp was around 30 deg c yet on us it was cooler a lot. Slept so comfortably cooler. The settings are very simple to work out to use and our model had the three speeds controller. When we get home she will be used more than our split system to save on power costs thus helping the invironment more.
We cannot thank Professor James Trevelyan enough for this fantastic invention.
Honestly, we cannot have enough praise for this air conditioner.”

“This is a short review because we don’t need to say much – this works better than expected. I love it. Make sure you understand it cools a small area, not a whole room. I sit right beside it at my desk, my wife sites beside me and it cools us both. This is not an evaporative cooler, it is a real AC in a simple, economical form. I love it. I’m telling everyone about it. I’m sitting beside it right now, it’s beautiful. I live on the Gold Coast, crazy hot and steamy right now here. I only need the lowest setting, it’s quieter like this and still keeps me so comfortable. There’s payment options, if this is in your budget then just get one. Oh – postage is included in the price, this was a great surprise at checkout, well done Close Comfort. Did I mention I love it?”

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