Sustainable Air Conditioning

About 1.5 – 3 billion people on earth endure living and sleeping in temperatures beyond human physiological limits. Greenhouse emissions arising from electricity generation to run conventional room air conditioners to cool all these people would literally cook the planet. Coolzy runs on only 350 Watts, around 125 Watts per person, around 6 times less than cooling people with conventional room air conditioners. It’s a sustainable solution for a warming world.

This is where I spend much of my time. I have been constantly surprised and gratified by the amazing customer reactions to this product that emerged from my experiences in Pakistan.

Coolzy is a very simple portable air conditioner. There is a tiny fridge inside with a fan that blows air towards one or more people nearby. The key technologies enable us to focus the air flow so it does not mix quickly with warmer room air. Warm air from the back side rises to the ceiling like the warmth from your kitchen fridge. The heat is absorbed by the building structure so no exhaust pipe is normally needed.