What can experienced engineers get out of this book?

First, I think that experienced engineers will understand much more about what they have been doing, perhaps for decades. As one highly experienced engineer put it, talking about how engineers need to coordinate technical work performed by other people, “I never realised that, all those years, that we have to work outside formal lines of authority. Resorting to authority is simply counter-productive. You need to influence others so they want to do the work well, to make an outstanding contribution.”

The book will help identify what senior engineers need to help young engineers learn.

I think that experienced engineers will find ways that they can improve their performances and they have the benefit of all that experience to build on. They just need a language to see what they already know and hints on how to develop that further.

As explained in the book (chapter 6), perception works better as an interactive conversation.  This site provides a means for readers to continue the conversation during and after reading the book.  Feedback from readers in all forms helps with this research.  I invite enginees to send feedback, comments and suggestions, and I will reply whenever I can.

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