Engineering Practice in (about) 50 Steps

This is work in progress: a book to enable novice engineers to learn the elements of effective engineering practice. It is a shorter and more accessible version of material presented in “The Making of an Expert Engineer”.

This material is presented to obtain your feedback and suggestions before it is published.

The chapters include significantly stronger learning exercises than “The Making of an Expert Engineer”. In some chapters there are progressive self-assessment rubrics that can guide mentors or supervisors to initiate helpful discussions with a novice working through the practice exercises.

Introduction and Preface

At the moment, this chapter serves as an introduction to engineering practice to help engineering graduates into paid employment, through the steps listed in chapter 4, with the other chapters providing supporting materials.

Chapter 1: Engineering – more with less

An essential introduction to engineering as it is practiced today

Chapter 2: Why engineer?

How engineers create value for their firms, clients and society

Chapter 3: Generating value in the enterprise

How engineers can create value within the firm or enterprise: a case study

Chapter 4: Seeking work

How to find paid employment – a road-tested guide for students and graduates

Chapter 5: Neglected perception skills

Essential for understanding the following four chapters

Chapter 6: Foundation skill 1 – Listening

The most fundamental communication skill – rarely if ever taught.

Chapter 7: Foundation skill 2 – Reading documents

Builds on techniques used by expert engineering firms

Chapter 8: Foundation skill 3 – Reading people

Builds on chapter 7, preparation for what is to come, opens a discussion on emotions.

Chapter 9: Foundation skill 4 – Seeing and creativity

Assess your visual skills. If they need improving, follow these exercises.

30 – 40 more chapters will follow these introductory chapters.

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