A big change and a new project

It has been a while since I posted last, and the gap is due to a big and change in my life.  After 41 years of teaching at the University of Western Australia, I decided to draw my formal teaching career to a close.

The reorganisation currently under way at UWA presented me with an opportunity to make the change earlier than I originally planned, under much more favourable terms.

The main reason for the change is to spend more time on our growing investment in Close Comfort (www.closecomfort.com) and to pursue another intriguing challenge.  Last December, my wife Samina and I gazed at the huge pile of 800 air conditioners stacked in our family home in Lahore and asked each other “Well, Professor, what do we do now?”

We prayed and the right people came into our life, and we sold hundreds of air conditioners with a marketing campaign that we devised as we went along.  For more, see our Pakistan Facebook page.

I will shortly describe the new challenge that life has presented….


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